I love your Funny Face
I love your Funny Face
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Anonymous said: wouldn't the first shot of Audrey in film be in "One Wild Oat" for her role as the Hotel receptionist?

You’re right (i’ve not actually seen One Wild Oat but from what I have heard she was only in it for like five seconds?) but I can change the description because Roman Holiday was her first *major* role I mean in One Wild Oat and before Roman Holiday she was kind of struggling with work and was more in theatre. Plus Roman Holiday credits Audrey Hepburn as ‘Introducing’ so I rolled with that because more people know Audrey from Roman Holiday than they do One Wild Oat.

Anonymous said: Hey, could you make a psd of that Charade photoset your? :)

we haven’t made a charade photoset, if you’re talking about the one reblogged you can go to the source and ask them!

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